Newskerala Daily Highlights 09-12-2018

Newskerala Daily Highlights 09-12-2018

Only the persons who has children knows the pain of losing their kids. Bhim army chief speaks agai st Mr Modi.

Childless persons cant understand the pain of losing a son : Bhim army chief comes against Modi.

Chins is ready for joint military drill with India.

Want a law for the construction of the temple; VHP Rally in Ramleela Delhi.

Have to clarify which money is going to be used to organize women wall, K Muralidharan.

Have done the inaugual function in 2016. As if the project got completed; chief minister critisiss UDF.

Kannur International airport; First flght takes off for Abu Dhabi.

The people cannot be misled. Does not want to create controversies: This is the time for happiness and Joy.

Left is trying to undertake the paternal rights of all the achievements done by UDF. Mullappally.

Women Reservation Bill; Congress President Rahul Gandhi ask all the state government to pass a resolution to urge Centre to pass the women reservation bill.

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