Newskerala Daily Highlights 30-11-2018

Newskerala Daily Highlights 30-11-2018

All the money is for Ambanis; Farmers get only fake speech by modi. Rahul Gandhi accuses Modi.

Dont give offerings to the temple. Ready to face arrest for saying this; Sasikala.

Cout rejected the plea of the police to keep Rehana Fathima under custody for questioning. Can question her on reaching police station.

Surendran gets trapped in fake cases : BJP will move a petition in the High court.

The full observation of Sabarimala pilgrimage is with observatory committee to ensure smooth pilgrimage; High Court.

Sabarimala monitoring committee will have the full responsibility to ensure smooth pilgrimage in sabarimala ; High court.

Pinarayi joins the Jana Sangh majority with 4401; Marar has Nayanar Support: Chennithala.

If good service entry is provided to the police, then will still go to Sabarimala: Sasikala.

Surendran will continue in jail; There is no bail for Chithira Aattathirunnal violence case.

Need to take prior appointments ; media faces restriction . They wilk ve allowed ro interview ministers only if they get prior appointments.

If the rituals do not violate fundamental rights, then the court should not interfere – Justice Kurian Joseph.

The protest at sabarimala were not against entry for women.into the temple said O Rajagopalan . MLA says Ready for compromise.

A Big salute to state goverment for Sabarimala issue. ;Medha Patkar.

Congress manifesto: Rs 3500 for unemployed in Rajasthan.

Congress manifesto : Party to give Rs 3500 allowance to unemployed youth in the Rajasthan.

Bipin Rawat wants Pakistan to be a secular country to improve relations with India.

Pakisthan needs to be a seculsr country to improve the relationship with India ; Bipin Rawat.

Forest Department violated rules for Mohanlal ; said CAG.

Arunachal Governor has given space in his helicopter for a pregnant women.

Naziruddin murder case: Life term imprisonment for the accused.

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